Anne Taylor

“I am a spiritual woman and have been a Reiki healer in the D.C. area for over 10 years. Years ago, when I was facing a difficult time, I felt lost because of emotional & physical challenges. I used my Reiki energy with the intention of guidance. I also composed the phrases “Love all around”, “Put love in it”, and “Bring love to the table”. From here an awakening began. I would see love in a room – no matter empty or full of people. I would see love when anyone came through my door. When I “bring love to the table”, the listening became a part of whoever was around… eating meals, doing art projects or homework. The love hovered and the activity that is listening presented itself.”

“When you are listening to someone talking, you are actively participating with love.”

“When you feel sad or dismayed, confused or alone, you can think about putting love into these feelings. I was asking for love within myself and it gave me a renewed energy. My eyes opened slightly brighter, and my heart filled with warmth as I realized my body was listening to the love that I was giving it.”

“At 30 years of age I was married, and at 35 a mother. Being a wife and mother made me realize the blessings of being present. I have found that listening to my clients is a crucial benefit to their healing. I experienced being heard early in life, and realize as an adult what a gift this was. Through my research and experience, I bring knowledge of using space, energy, love, and listening to alleviate stress in daily life.”


“Anne is an exquisitely skilled healer. Here, her gifts are beautifully focused on actively listening to another’s voice in need of expression. With her finely-tuned ear, steady presence and well-placed questions, Anne encourages each speaker and seeker to find their own clarity and arrive at their own resolutions – whatever the temporary challenge”

Patricia R.

“Anne is an extremely kind, thoughtful listener who exudes love and kindness. She is curious, non-judgmental, thoughtful, and empathetic. Anyone who has the privilege of talking to her is in for a treat.

Sue C.

She is the epitome of sweetness and love. Anne is tremendously skilled at listening with love, her heart and her soul. If I ever had to pour my heart out to anyone, it would be Anne!!!

Bettina C.

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