Are you looking for someone to talk to?

You matter. What you say matters.

Anne will lend support through active listening. She will give encouragement when asked and will help you find clarity.

A listening session is a safe space for your feelings to be understood & accepted.

You may be feeling grief or despair, joy or excitement, confusion or instability, or you may be questioning your spiritual path. These are just a few feelings that can be shared.

Be Heard

What does being heard feel like? You may find greater freedom for your thoughts. And a strengthened trust with a non-judgmental listener. From wherever you are, Anne will provide a safe and private space for you to say what is on your mind.

Feel Empowered

Giving voice to your thoughts can empower you. Letting go of your fears and concerns can bring you needed relief and room to breathe. Speaking your mind is an action that can build confidence.

“Being heard encourages your mind and body to trust your heart.”

— Anne Taylor


Anne Taylor at is a woman with a mission to actively listen, support, and lend encouragement when asked. The Listener Live is a platform for you to speak your mind and be heard and is committed to giving only positive guidance. All calls are 100% private, confidential, and will never be shared with anyone. Anne Taylor is not a licensed medical professional, nor is she a trained therapist. The Listener Live does not claim to cure or remedy any illness, disorder, or health condition. No support offered is intended in any way to be a substitute or replacement for licensed medical care. The Listener Live cannot accept responsibility for any illness stemming from the caller failing to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor. if a caller is demonstrating disrespectful language or misconduct, the call will end immediately.